Optix Transit would not be possible without the assistance of our sponsors, while we run a free to play Transit service for networks on Mutual IXP's.

Without the generocity of our sponsors, our options would have been very limited, and not as fun! We are here to support beginner networks get on their feet, and learn about networking in a safe environment, While providing services.

Donations for additional Infra/Transit or anything else, is always greatly appriciated, and you get that warm fuzzy feeling on the inside!, If you are wanting to donate, please contact us via our Contact Us Form or on Telegram @masterteddyAU

Sponsor Location Service/Item
iFog (FogNet) Frankfurt, DE
Winterthur, CH
Amsterdam, NL
Sandefjord, NO
Kansas City, USA
(IPv4 + IPv6) Transit
IX Connectivity
Virtua.Cloud Paris, FR / Lille, FR (IPv4 + IPv6) Transit
C1VHosting Rome, IT (IPv4 + IPv6) Transit
StarryDNS Singapore, SG
Tokyo, JP
(IPv4 + IPv6) Transit
OpenFactory Winterthur, CH (IPv4 + IPv6) Transit
FreeRangeCloud Vancouver, CA (IPv4 + IPv6) Transit
IX Connectivity
Asympto Networks Frankfurt, DE (IPv4 + IPv6) Transit
ForHosting - IPv6 Subnet & Consultation
ZappieHost Auckland, NZ IPv6 Subnet
(IPv4 + IPv6) Transit
GoHosted Amsterdam, NL
Haarlem, NL
(IPv6) Transit
BahnFlow Malmo, SE (IPv4 + IPv6) Transit
Hurricane Electric Frankfurt, DE
Vancouver, CA
(IPv6) Transit
Johannes Ernst Frankfurt, DE (IPv6) Transit
Alex Delporte Amsterdam, NL
Warsaw, PL
(IPv6) Transit
ServerGurus Dusseldorf, DE (IPv4 + IPv6) Transit
Kevin Buehl Winterthur, CH (IPv4 + IPv6) Transit
Clément Primot Frankfurt, DE (IPv6) Transit